Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're still here!

It's been awhile! There are one hundred things I could post about, but I just don't have time (or energy!). We went from Rylan's surgery and recovery (which was rough), to illnesses x 3 + the daddy, to yet another illness (so far, just 1 toddler), and now I'm trying to prepare us for a 12-hour-each-way, plus stops, road trip. We will be gone for 10 days. I probably won't get to post while we're away, so there will be even more to post about when I return!

Rylan recovered well from his palate surgery. We will see the surgeon again when we return, but he is through with the arm restraints! Yea! He is officially crawling on his hands and knees and starting to pull up to a standing position and also stand on his feet with his hands on the floor...not bad for a 13 1/2 month old, huh!

Delaney and Landon are amazing me everyday with their speech and vocabulary! I can't believe how quickly they advanced from a few isolated words to entire 4, 5, or 6 word sentences.

Delaney loves to give "Bear Hugs" and also counts to ten! She started out counting like this: "one, two, freak, fork, nine, ten" but now she pronounces three and four correctly and counts all the way to ten accurately most of the time! She also knows how to say, "pweeeeeeeeeeeease," when she REALLY wants something!

Landon's favorite word is truck; however, his "tr" sounds like an "f" sound! That's a fun one to explain at church! He also counts some and uses his manners. He will always say, "Bless you, Mama," when I sneeze! His favorite activity right now is to "seep" (sweep).

Poor Rylan! EVERYTHING is already being blamed on him! He doesn't even have to be in the same room. If there is a problem...Delaney or Landon begin screaming, "No, no, Ry-Ry!" If someone gets tripped by air, it's Ry-Ry's fault. Stumped toe? Ry-Ry. Toy breaks. Ry-Ry, again. Delaney even shouted, "No, Ry-Ry," right before she threw up all over the car today when I finally got out to run errands! (That's another post and part of the illnesses I mentioned!) Rylan is REALLY impressive to be able to have all that control over his siblings even while he's sleeping! Where can I get some of those powers?

Well, that's more than I thought I had time for, but now I REALLY need to pack (or can I just blame Ry-Ry if I don't get it done tonight?).


Brandy said...

I can't wait to see those little stinkers!

The Ski's said...

We've been thinking about all of you. I am glad recovery is about done for you and all is going well. Sorry to hear about the sickness....NEVER fun for anyone. We will keep you is thought as you travel. Take care......

Threeundertwo said...

I hope the trip went well! I think one of the funniest things when my twins were learning to talk was the way they pronounced eachother's names.

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