Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rylan's Birth

Since Rylan's 1st birthday is approaching, I want to document a few things from this past year. (I really wish I would have started this blogging thing sooner!)

March 30,2007
I was up all night with intense gas-like pains! I was miserable and regretting the chili I had for dinner! I got up when the alarm clock went off (very unusual for me), not like I had slept anyway, and proceeded to get ready for school. (I was teaching 2nd grade.) My husband had to get Delaney and Landon ready for school because I could barely stand up! I showed up at my classroom and immediately went across the hall to my co-worker and very close friend's room. I will let her tell "the rest of the story..."

This is from the email she sent to the entire school after Rylan's arrival...

There once was a cute little blonde 2nd grade teacher who was very pregnant with her 3rd child in under 2 years (crazy woman :-)). One day she came to school very upset and crying complaining of gas pain that she had been experiencing since 11:00 p.m. the night before. It was hurting so bad
that she got a sub and decided to go home. Her good friend from across the hall (who is crazy too with 3 children in 4 years) told her that she thought that was NOT GAS PAIN AND THAT SHE COULD BE IN LABOR and to go call her doctor. So, being a good girl the 2nd grade teacher called her doctor only to find out that he was out of town. The nurse told her to go to her hospital to Labor and Delivery just to be on the safe side. The second grade teacher called her husband to take her to the hospital. She was nervous though, fearing it was really only gas and would feel silly going to the
hospital for gas pain. Meanwhile, the good friend from across the hall was in a bit of a panic, having had 2 of 3 babies so quickly the midwife was not present...that she called every 15 minutes to make sure she was okay...and sure enough the cute little 2nd grade teacher was having contractions! They tried to stop her contractions because she had not dilated yet but the little fella was ready to meet his family! So...

Rylan Nathanael arrived on Friday, March 30th at 4:35 p.m. by c-section. He is 6lbs. 7 oz. and 19 1/2 inches. He has brown hair and is adorable! Mom and baby are doing great and Delaney and Landon are loving their little brother, so is Daddy.
I should mention that I had never been in labor before. Delaney and Landon were delivered at 33 1/2 weeks because Landon was IUGR. (More on their story another time!)

Rylan was over 3 weeks early and LABOR never crossed my mind! I had NO idea!

Here is a newborn picture of Rylan...


The Ski's said...

Thanks for responding to our site! I am so glad you found us! I love your blog...it is looking cute! I can not imagine 3 little ones in such a short amount of time...but I am sure you have it mastered!!!!! Your children are adorable! I want to give you our e mail address so you can send pics or e mail whenever! I have many questions I would love to throw your way about feeding and the open palate! I would love some advice on the matter! Do take care, and thanks again for writing! Much love and many blessings....


Darcy said...


I followed the link to your blog from the comment you left on Adalynn's blog.

You're children are all precious, and you are a superwoman for three children so close!

I'll be bookmarking your page and coming back often!

Mary said...

Your little Rylan looked a lot like our Ian when he was born.