Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, I guess I've been waiting for something outside of our regular routine to post, and today it happened! It snowed in Texas in March! I wanted to take the kids outside to play in the snow for their first time, but I was hesitant because they actually do not have coats, hats, or mittens! I didn't purchase any this winter since it's needed less than a handful of times during the "winter" months. We have gotten by with a few fleece hoodies just fine, but today we needed something more! So I bundled each child in 4 layers of clothing, which took nearly an hour! Of course, there were some distractions!

I dressed Delaney and was changing Landon's diaper when she announced, "I pooted!" I finished changing Landon, and then removed 3 layers off of Delaney and proceeded to change her diaper. (I should have mentioned we have succumbed to the stomach virus that is going around but escaped any symptoms yesterday, so I thought we were better! Apparently NOT!) I dress Delaney for the second time. Thankfully, all clothing was still clean! I begin dressing Landon when Delaney again says, "I pooted!" I hear the "poot" and know she is right, so I tell her I will change her again when I get the boys ready! She continues pooting and announcing it (and I continue hearing it for myself!) I dress Landon and then Rylan who is not happy about all the layers AT ALL! I undress Delaney AGAIN, but this time her clothing was soiled too! I have to completely change her bottom half! In the meantime, Rylan is screaming because he does not like all those clothes! He is also past due his nap! I dress Delaney for the 3rd time and put her jackets and Landon's jackets on them. I am putting Rylan's coat on when Landon tells me, "I pooted!" Yes, this is the third time somebody "pooted" since I began dressing them! I remove 3 layers, change his diaper, and dress him again. Rylan is STILL protesting loudly!

We step outside, and I load the choo-choo wagon. I thought it would be cute in pictures and make a good seat for Rylan to watch the fun! WELL, he did not agree. I ended up having to hold all 20+ pounds of him while trying to take pictures and play with the other two! (Rylan still refuses to try to get around on his own!) He cried most of the time we were outside! Landon enjoyed the snow and began playing on his own immediately! Delaney took a little encouraging but also enjoyed playing. When I finally had to give in to Rylan's crying, Delaney protested loudly about going inside! She was not finished playing!

In the end, an hour worth of preparation was worth 20 minutes of fun in the snow!


* Bethany * said...

Hilarious! Fortunately TX doesn't leave you with too many of these experiences... but not too much you can do but laugh at all the poopiness & preparation for 20 min in the snow!

Ashhog said...

Your kids are very cute! What a fun but crazy snow day! I would love to hear more of your story of having twins + 1! I have 4 month old twin boys!