Tuesday, April 8, 2008

12 Months

Rylan's 12 month appointment went well...just the normal stuff! Here are his stats:

Height: 28 1/2 inches (The Dr. thought this was probably inaccurate based on his nine month measurement, which I don't remember right now!)

Weight: 19.4 lbs (I was surprised! I thought he was over 20 lbs! I guess he seems so big compared to his siblings.)

Dr. Karen was not very concerned about him not crawling, pulling up, cruising, or walking. She just wants to follow up at his 15 month visit. The biggest news for us is that he can drink whole milk now! No more formula! We have been buying formula for 26 months...over half of that time for at least 2 babies! (There was a brief period where we didn't use as much formula since Rylan had mostly expressed breast milk for awhile.) What a difference that will make in our grocery bill!

These photos are from his one year sitting! Doesn't he look like such a big boy!


Casey's trio said...

Hi Wendy!
Thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hello. I love hearing from other moms and finding new blogs to read myself. Happy birthday to your boy...your children are gorgeous!

Alexandra said...

Hi Wendy
Thanks for reading our blog! We do have much in common with the b/g twins and younger siblings! Rylan is a cutie! I hope he is feeling better now!